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Senseboard® Virtual Keyboard

Using a computer keyboard involves several of our sensory systems; the visual, audio, tactical, and proprioceptive.

When we for the first time use a keyboard we need to focus our attention on the task of creating letters to get the intended result - the letters we want to type. The more we use the keyboard the less we need to think of how to move our hands and fingers. Instead we can focus on what to type. The movements are now stored in our muscle memory.

With this learned behavior in mind the Senseboard® Virtual Keyboard platform is developed. The users can benefit from the muscle memory when using a virtual keyboard, 10-keypad, or any other application to accurately type or operate controls without any visual reference and without consciously thinking of what their fingers or hands are doing.

The Senseboard® Virtual Keyboard platform benefits from relative movements, hence it does not matter where on a surface the fingers hit, it is the movements that matter. This functionality differs from other virtual keyboards, such as laser-projected keyboards. With a projected keyboard the user needs to use the vision to localize the right key, keep looking while reaching for it and press it in order to get the intended result. This will slow down the typing speed because of the necessity of divided attention.

For people requiring some partial or complete visual feedback of the keyboard or control for operating their device an interactive keyboard layout on the screen, the SenseView™ Assistant™ (SVA), can be used as an aid.

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