Senseboard® Wearable Data Entry Platform

The Senseboard® Wearable Data Entry platform is built on the Senseboard® Gesture Recognition Technology™ (GRT), which is a unique proprietary method of capturing, analyzing, and interpreting finger and hand movements and translating them into text, data, and other input for computers, mobile devices, computer games, industrial controls, robotics, etc.  This is made possible through a powerful combination of electronic components, sensors, proprietary algorithms, and artificial intelligence. 

  • Alpha-numeric imaginary keyboard layout 
  • Imaginary 10-key pad layout 
  • Mouse functions 
  • Gesture control 

Key application areas include:

  • Mobile computing
  • Real-time animation
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • ...



  • Text Input Text Input Concept
  • Animation
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Healthcare